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High Asset Divorce

Divorces involving high-value assets and business interests typically involve more complex and challenging issues. If you and your spouse have substantial financial assets, you need a knowledgeable high asset divorce attorney skilled in complex asset division.

Given the financial affluence of many Los Angeles residents, our divorce attorneys often assist clients with high net worth and substantial assets. Some of the more common issues presented in high asset divorces include:

  • Business and asset valuations

  • Dividing stocks and stock options

  • Protection of business interests

  • Uncovering hidden assets

  • Sealing court records

  • Court examination of expert witnesses

  • Litigation of collateral business and civil matters

Contact Our High Asset Divorce Attorneys

Not only do we regularly handle high asset and complex divorce cases, we have the foresight necessary to plan for and avoid other related business or civil issues that may arise while remaining responsive to our clients' sensitive family needs.

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