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Family Law

“Family Law” covers legal matters falling under the jurisdiction of the family court. In California, this includes proceedings for dissolution of marriage (divorce) or domestic partnership, legal separation, domestic violence restraining orders, and proceedings involving child custody, visitation, and child support.

Whether you are going through a divorce or legal separation or seeking to resolve matters involving child custody and child support, you are dealing with the most important aspects of life: family and finances. When faced with such issues, you need a family law attorney who is knowledgeable, compassionate, and tough.

How Our Family Law Attorneys Can Help

At MacKay & Martin, LLP, we believe that stellar legal representation involves not only delivering positive results but also reducing client anxiety during the legal process. To that end, we are committed to providing highly skilled legal representation while working closely with our clients to minimize stress.

Our legal team is experienced in handling both routine and complex family law matters and will guide you through the complexity of the legal process while delivering peace of mind, and positive results.

While keeping the cost of litigation in mind, we strive to develop the best legal strategy to achieve your goals without overextending costs. When the settlement is possible—as it often is—we are effective negotiators, often obtaining favorable settlement of entire cases without ever stepping into the courtroom. However, when settlement is impossible or unfavorable, we are also skilled trial attorneys who are ready to fight.

Ultimately, we strive to craft the best legal strategy tailored to each case, while steering clear of tactics that would unnecessarily drive the cost of litigation. Our attorneys are responsive, prepared, and appropriately aggressive from start to finish. We invite you to take the first step toward protecting your family by scheduling a free consultation today.

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Primary Areas of Concern During Divorce

Apart from the emotional upheaval that often accompanies divorce, there are also several important legal considerations involved in rearranging the family dynamic. To add to the confusion, many divorcing spouses also face tough decisions regarding whether to sell the family home, how to characterize and divide their assets, and how to devise parenting time in a way that best promotes their children's interests.

If you are preparing for a divorce or legal separation in the Los Angeles area, several of the issues listed below will likely arise during your divorce. Our legal team is experienced in handling both routine and complex dissolution matters and will work closely with you to ensure you are at ease with the direction of your case.

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Family Law Areas MacKay & Martin, LLP Handles with Care

We practice all areas of family law, including:

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Because each family is unique, our legal team is committed to giving each case the individual attention and tailored experience that our clients deserve. Whether you are a divorcing or unwed parent concerned about your parental rights and responsibilities, a couple eager to work collaboratively to resolve your divorce, or a spouse preparing for a high-conflict or financially complex divorce, our qualified family law team is here to help.

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MacKay & Martin, LLP helps clients with their family law needs throughout California including Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Calabasas, and Santa Monica. 


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